Street Feast Food Truck 

Street Feast started humbly but with a grand plan: To create the finest slow-cooked meats. Street Feast is an Indigenous Owned/Operator business, with Dale being a proud Monero Ngarigo man, from Orbost in East Gippsland. They have over 30 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry from cooking and creating, to Front House management and exceptional customer service..

Matthew: Thanks for taking the time today for the chat here at Albert Park Golf Course. I remember when I first met you a couple of years ago it was at the Richmond football club in the Maurice Rioli Room, and you were sort of just starting out there and your business Street Feast. And what really inspired me is the inspiration and enthusiasm that you carry. Oh, thanks. Where does that level of enthusiasm come from?

Dale: Well, I think, when it comes down to follow on your heart and you are passionate about something and that’s what I’m talking about stuff I’m normally talking about stuff that I’m passionate about and that excites me. So I think I just followed my heart and follow my dreams and keep saying things that I like.

And I suppose that’s where it comes from. It’s always good to learn new things. I know when there are things that I like, I get excited a bit so I don’t know. It comes from somewhere.  Yeah. So it feels good though to talk about things that I like.

Matthew: It feels fantastic. Seeing that level of enthusiasm come from you when you speak around those things. And in particular, I remember our first discussion was really about the food that you are making through your business and the Street Feast and your background as a chef. What triggered your interest in bang shifts Any, any particular what has inspired, your positive attitude in the end Enthusiasm towards the food industry?

Dale: Well, when I started off I was 16 and I left school. I enjoyed school but I wasn’t the greatest in parts of education there. So I wanted to go and follow trade and mum was a good cook, so I always enjoyed cooking with mom in the kitchen. And then I started working as a chef from 16 so all the knowledge that I picked up along the way and I went through hard times. I went through some, some fun times. I went through some busy times and altogether it’s all brought me to this place in a moment in time where I thought, how am I going to go about my business Am I going to be that, hard pushing shift Am I going to be the shift that’s positive and helps to teach and, that’s where it got me.

Dale: I loved that part because for years and years teaching the apprentices and giving that energy yet to try and, and give them inspiration and enthusiasm to want to keep, you know, pursuing their dream. And that’s, and I enjoyed doing that and I think from then on I held onto that. So everything that I talked about in the food industry and, and the things that I’m passionate about, I just sort of dug into that and get some real reward at talking about the things that I love. So yeah, I think it came from part of the elements of being in that industry a long time of cooking and, and how I wanted to regurgitate the knowledge to other kids and the juniors that are coming up and I want them to be inspired because you’ve got to have inspiration when you’re a chef because it’s a lot of hours and it’s hard work. So you’ve got to, if you don’t have the inspiration and the passion, you won’t last in the industry. So I suppose that’s where the field was for me. I just forced it that way and I love to share, yeah, that, that experience.

Matthew: See What I mean? Guys! Mr enthusiasm, Founder of Street Feast!

What an inspiration! Mr. enthusiasm. Thank you very much.

Dale: it’s great to know you, Matt.

Matthew: Thank you.

Dale: No worries mate.