AMK Law named one of Australia’s Most Innovative Firms 2020

Written by AMK Law

June 13, 2020

Innovative Firm

We’re incredibly excited to announce that AMK Law has been selected for the Australasian Lawyer Innovative Firms list for 2020.

As one of 15 law firms, it’s an incredible honour and privilege as a small boutique law practice to appear on this list alongside so many amazing top-tier and international firms.

About the Innovative Firms 2020 award

The Innovative Firms award recognises the top Australian law firms who are pushing the boundaries on how law firms operate and provide their services.

It might be developing and utilising new technology within the legal space or embracing new business models.

But it’s all about seeking out new opportunities and new ways of doing things and celebrating successful initiatives.

About Australasian Lawyer

Australasian Lawyer is your top source for breaking news on the legal landscape with its independent legal online publication.

Their aim is to focus on the real issues and challenges facing today’s legal professionals and the industry, with in-depth features and analysis of what really matters.

Why this award matters so much to us at AMK Law

As a boutique law practice, being recognised on this list is a reward for a lot of hard work, pushing ourselves and our team to work beyond the norm.

From the beginning, we knew that innovation was the key to efficiency and providing a quality service to our clients, which has included things such as full upfront transparency on costs and our fixed-fee option for start-up businesses.

We recognised the importance of continuing to develop processes to ensure everyone was involved, and we created checklists as we performed new tasks and activities. This meant we have checklists for just about everything we do, including legal workflow, accounts, business development processes, sales qualification etc.

It’s widely known that the more documented procedures you and your team can follow, for every task, and even client interactions, the more efficient a business becomes.

We’ve also always embraced technology to streamline our operations even further. We absolutely love cloud computing and recognise being 100% cloud-based provides easy access to everything our team needs. This motivates us in our implementation of cloud-based computing because no matter where we are working from we can access documents, files and systems so long as there is a safe internet connection. We also utilise legal management software, and project management software for team collaboration, utilise online bookings and use Zapier to integrate online bookings and email enquiries to a CRM software.

This implementation of technology all allows us incredible flexibility but also full transparency across our team, so everyone remains on the same page, at all times. It allows us to move forward and help our clients as one cohesive unit, for better and more efficient outcomes.  Technology and the systems used have helped us with our COVID-19 response.

Boost Legal Templates

Boost Legal Templates is our new initiative, where we have taken many of our commonly requested legal documents and turned them into interactive templates that clients can purchase and customise themselves online and almost instantly.

The technology delivered through Boost Legal Templates allows more affordable access for clients who are starting out with a minimal budget, to ensure documents are in place enabling certain protections as well as the focus towards professionalism required when scaling up business activities with the aid of the resources available on the Boost Legal Templates website. 

Boost Legal Templates is powered by cutting edge technology which turns template documents into usable, client-focused resources.

When we envisioned Boost Legal Templates, our team had a simple mission in mind: create a superior quality of legal documents templates and use business to provide back to the community. Try our instant online legal documents, designed with Australian small businesses in mind. Now, when you download your legal document template, you’re not only saving time and money. For every template that you buy, we donate a percentage to a worthy cause by Dot Com Mob.

A swift COVID-19 response

COVID-19 has certainly thrown the world some challenges of late, but AMK Law has remained in a very strong position to continue on as normal, serving our clients with the same expertise and standards.

While many traditional law firms may have had to scramble to get the right technology in place to protect their staff and keep their business operational, at AMK Law we already had all of this in place.

Our cloud-based and paperless systems and operation meant we could swiftly allow our team to work from home (therefore protecting their health) and continue serving our clients without interruption.

This has largely been due to the NewLaw approach to the legal profession which has been implemented throughout the team.  Working remotely was an easy accomplishment especially due to the cloud-based systems and technologically advanced processes which have been utilised within the scope of work we do for commercial and litigation matters.

Having great systems has meant efficiencies have been maintained in the midst of COVID 19 challenges which we are all facing in the current climate.  

Responding to our client’s needs has been effective also as a result of the flexible contractor based working model which is developed within the AMK Law team.  Legal matters can be worked on from any location, at any time and by multiple people all accessing the important information because of the technology used. 

Established client relationships built on trust has enabled legal matters to be proactively resolved because of the in depth understanding of our client’s businesses.  This has also meant the need for face to face meetings didn’t pose any trouble.  The established understanding together, with the use of mobile phones and internet software, has meant a seamless approach in top notch legal service delivery and, most of all, very happy clients.  

Hard work pays off

Our team definitely recognises the need to “Work Smart”, in fact working smart is one of our core values in the way AMK Law operates.  Beyond working smart, we also recognise the need to work hard.

Hard work really does pay off because often it is the “hard work”, together with the “smart work” great results are delivered to empower clients and especially in this challenging period.

Despite our conscious efforts, it has still come as a fantastic surprise indeed for the team at AMK Law to be recognised as an ‘Innovative Firm’ for 2020.

But what matters most to us is the opinion of our clients. We’ve taken the time to organically grow our presence within the Australian market, and our dedication to providing exceptional service is reflected in our fantastic customer testimonials and positive reviews.

Our quest to innovate has put us in a strong position as a law firm and has enabled us to take expert care of our clients in challenging times. This Most Innovative Firms awards serves as encouragement, that we’re definitely on the right track.

You can view the 2020 Most Innovative Firms winners here.


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