October 28, 2023

Episode 05: The Importance of Clear Goals with Bret Mullavey

The importance of Clear Goals and Understanding Personal Motivations in Negotiations. Insights from Bret Mullavey.  

Episode 05: Clear Goals with Bret Mullavey

In this episode we delve deep into the world of negotiations with Bret Mullavey, a finance expert and chairman of Gridiron Australia. Bret shares his journey from a small town to leading roles in finance and sports administration, highlighting the importance of clear goals and understanding personal motivations in negotiations. We also explore the emotional aspects of decision making, the differences in negotiation styles between cultures, and the transformative power of sports. Whether you’re in finance, sports, or just looking to improve your negotiation skills, this episode offers valuable insights into the art of reaching mutual agreements.

Recap & Takeaways

  • Bret Moulavi’s Background: Bret grew up in a small town called Walla Walla in New South Wales. After high school, he began working at a local bank in Albury. His banking career took him from New South Wales to Queensland and eventually to Melbourne. After working for a major bank for ten years, Bret started his own finance broking business, Fintcap.
  • Passion for Gridiron: Bret’s love for American football began around 2011-2012. He discovered that gridiron was played in Australia in 2017 and joined a club. While he initially tried playing, he eventually got involved in coaching and administration. Brett is now the chairman of Gridiron Australia, working to empower the sport in the country.
  • Emotional Side of Negotiation: Bret emphasises the importance of treating negotiations as business transactions and staying as emotionless as possible. He believes that while emotions can cloud judgment, they can also be powerful motivators.
  • Differences in Negotiation Styles: Bret observes that Americans tend to be more transparent in negotiations, making their positions clear from the outset. In contrast, Australians might be more reserved. He also notes that while the finance side of his work involves traditional negotiations, his role in gridiron involves negotiating for change and bringing people along on a journey.
  • Learning from Failed Negotiations: Bret shares an experience from the American football side where they tried to implement changes that didn’t land right. He emphasises the importance of establishing clear goals and understanding everyone’s position to navigate such challenges.
  • Transition from Research to Buying: The emotional switch people experience when they move from researching properties to actually buying one. Bret acknowledges this shift and emphasises the importance of understanding clients’ motivations.

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