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Conflict Resolution Services

Business Mediation has many benefits when it comes to successful conflict resolution. AMK Law is pleased to now offer this service to provide a gentler way of resolving disputes, helping to restore relationships and to keep businesses moving forward.
Mediation sessions can be conducted in person at our offices in Melbourne (pending Covid-19 requirements) or they can be held conveniently online, via online meeting software (such as Zoom). Therefore, we can provide our conflict resolution services to clients all over Australia.

Why Choose Mediation for Conflict Resolution?

Mediation is a great first step when a dispute arises, before resorting to costly and stressful legal proceedings.

Better, happier outcomes

Mediation aims to find the middle ground where all parties can be satisfied with the end results. Parties have more control over what decisions get made and how, as opposed to leaving it up to a judge or court to decide one way or the other (which may not result in a happy outcome for anyone involved).


Completely confidential

Instigating legal proceedings tends to be a very public process. Resolving disputes via mediation is kept completely confidential, behind closed doors – therefore protecting the reputations of individuals and companies alike. It’s also helpful to know that nothing that gets discussed in a mediation session is placed ‘on record’. Nothing you or anyone else says can be used as future evidence should things progress further at any stage. Giving you the confidence and security to discuss issues openly.

Reduced costs

Legal proceedings are inevitably expensive. The costs of hiring a lawyer and having your case heard before a court, can keep adding up. Mediation can be held much more easily and cheaply, therefore avoiding drawn-out legal and court fees.


Faster conflict resolution

Mediation can be organised and held a lot more quickly, rather than having to wait for a court date. Plus, there’s plenty of evidence to say that an expertly-lead mediation session can produce better outcomes, more quickly by keeping all parties on the same page and working towards a mutually beneficial goal.

Relationship preservation

Taking legal action is a very drastic step and can understandably cause significant upset between the parties involved. Business mediation can help bring estranged parties back together, in a peaceful way – enhancing understanding and encouraging a harmonious decision and working relationship going forward.

Types of Disputes 

AMK Law’s Mediation service can help you with:

  • Contract disputes
  • Consumer disputes
  • Intellectual Property disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Joint Venture
  • Defamation law
  • Business law

There are literally hundreds of circumstances where mediation can be hugely beneficial in resolving conflicts and disputes more quickly and easily. Feel free to contact the team at AMK Law to see whether mediation can help you avoid ending up in court.

The Business Mediation Process

1. Call Us

Let us know a little about your challenges or dispute so we can see if you’re a good candidate and if so, get the ball rolling

2. We Coordinate

We get in touch with all parties and organise a time to get together that suits everyone. This can happen at our Melbourne offices or over Zoom.

3. Mediation Occurs

Matthew (Principal at AMK Law) expertly guides your mediation discussions towards what, hopefully, will become a successful and happy resolution.


4. Dispute Resolved

Everyone gets back to work.

What happens if mediation fails?

Mediation in general has a high success rate. However, there’s always a chance that it won’t successfully resolve a dispute.
If a resolution cannot be reached, Matthew can guide you on your next best steps – including providing advice as to whether it may be worthwhile proceeding down further legal avenues.
Rest assured though, that nothing that gets said in your mediation discussions can be used against you in court (with a few exceptions). And mediation is often the best FIRST step to try, before you escalate your matter further.

Accredited with the Mediation Institute

Matthew Karakoulakis (Founder & Principal Solicitor at AMK Law) is an accredited mediator through the Mediation Institute. The Mediation Institute is a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body and complaint handling service.

In order to gain this accreditation, Matthew has successfully undertaken and completed their comprehensive training to ensure he can expertly guide your mediation sessions through to a successful outcome, wherever possible. His advanced communication skills will also help all parties to remain calm and positive throughout the process to minimise any emotional stress and assist you in keeping relationships intact.

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Online Mediation & Dispute Resolution

We understand the challenges of getting multiple parties together in one room, particularly in the wake of Covid-19.
That’s why we’ve ensured that we can handle your mediation online, over an online meeting service such as Zoom, so location is not a barrier to your successful dispute resolution.

Online mediation is just as effective as getting parties together in person. So, no matter where you or anyone involved is located, you can rest easy knowing that our online mediation and dispute resolution services can help.

Your next best step towards a successful conflict resolution

At AMK Law, we want to ensure we provide the best business mediation services we can, to help all parties involved avoid lengthy, exhausting, and expensive court proceedings.

If you think our mediation or conflict resolution services might help you or your company successfully resolve a dispute, just give us a call on 1800 430 997.

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